There are so many different types of mountain bike available now, it can get a bit overwhelming trying to keep up with the different categories they all fit into. One category that does not receive as much attention as most of the others is the single speed mountain bike. There is a place in the market for the single speed MTBs, and they do have quite a popular appeal for many riders.

Why Single Speed?

The single speed mountain bike is ideal for riding trail or road, and with the different configurations and wheel sizes you can get, you can optimize your riding style. The size of the wheels is very important, and should be considered before you make any purchase decision. Depending on the type of riding you intend to do on your single speed MTB, and the terrain you will be riding it on will determine what size wheels you should get.

If you want to ride on a tough trail then single speed fixed bike will be the best choice for you. Because You don't need to change your gear again if you used a fixed gear bike. For the beginner ride, I recommended a fixed gear bike for his/her safety and comfort. If you comfortable with multi-speed bikes you can ride, but for the newbie definitely, fixes bike will best.

There is a lot of single speed bicycle available in the marketplace. But it can be difficult for you to choose a perfect one. If you want to buy a single speed bike for your next ride, you can read reviews on bike jar, they reviewed the top 10 fixes bike for 2018. I Highly recommended theirs review for the newbie.

Single Speed Mountain Bikes For Sale

If you are seriously thinking about getting a mountain bikes under 400-500 dollars (single speed), then here are some good quality options to consider. They are all very reasonably priced, and all offer something a bit different from the other. All of these bikes are very good quality, so it is more down to personal preference and deciding which one best suits your needs.


If you looking for single speed fixed gear mountain bikes, you are on the right place. Here are the List of top 3 Single speed mountain bikes in 2018. Keep Reading to discover more.

Nashbar single speed 29er review

if you are looking for a 29er (a mountain bike with 29 inch wheels if you are not familiar with the term), then the Nashbar Single Speed 29er is a great option. The large 29 inch wheels give you more of a smooth ride over rough terrain, and helps to soften the blows of the uneven ground too. The bike really handles well, and you will find it very responsive so you will have optimal control over it.

The frame on the Nashbar 29er is very light, so you can throw the bike around with relative ease. It is also very strong too, so do not be afraid to give it some real punishment when you go out for a ride as it will take it all in its stride. The bike has a simple yet stylish design, and has proven to be a very popular choice for anyone looking for a single speed 29er. This is one of my favorite choice for the beginner ride. You can choose it.  

Gravity G29 FS Single Speed 29er

Another single speed 29er is the Gravity G29 mountain bike. The latest 2014 model gives you amazing feel and handling abilities, and it certainly looks the part too. The bike has quality components throughout, including SunTour 29er lockout forks and front suspension. This helps to provide a comfortable ride for you across all terrains.

The Gravity G29 is available in 4 different frame sizes, so you can still get the perfect fit for you and enjoy the large 29 inch wheels. The Tektro disc brakes give you a lot of stopping power and control over the bike, so you can ride with confidence. The G29 is both lightweight and strong, so it will stand up to some harsh treatment on the trails. This bike is highly recommended for newbie and even for professional biker. 

Nashbar Bee's Knees Single-Speed 650B Mountain Bike

Another bike from Nashbar, the Bee’s Knees single speed 650B MTB is an option for those that do not want the larger 29 inch wheels. The newer 650B bikes have 27.5 inch wheels, and they have been introduced fairly recently into the mountain biking world to bridge the gap from the 26” to the 29” wheels. They have become very popular in a short space of time, and the Bee’s Knees single speed offers you a great option in the 650B class.

The 27.5 inch wheels make it a bit more nimble than the 29ers, but the wheels are still big enough to handle the rough terrain that the trail riders love. It has a decent range of specs throughout its design, and provides a strong and comfortable ride for the user. Nothing to warry about choosing this bike for your next ride. It is one of the top rated single speed mtb available on the current market. So you can go for it.  


These three single speed mountain bike models all offer great quality and value for money. We have more detailed reviews of each one of the bikes on this site, so if you want to find out more about and or all of them please read the reviews so you can make a more informed decision.

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